Burn Blue Sky

Happy New Year- Call to Action

To all of our friends, fans, awesome venue owners and fellow bands-Happy New Year! Judging by the look of it, 2016 is looking to be a killer year for great rock and metal! And we couldn't be happier to tell you that soon we will have a new EP of all new Burn Blue Sky songs to share with everyone! It is coming! More details on that will be shared soon!

That being said, its great to be in a band, where currently every member has a new inspiration, all coming from different sources and people in our lives. Currently I am finding the world of stand up comedy to inspire me. Mainly because in that scene, a lot of the comedians are hitting the streets hard to promote themselves. They are starting their own podcasts and having their friends on them, to help promote their gigs. They are promoting themselves and their friends HARD on their social media accounts by constantly cross promoting fellow comedians. Performers are physically handing out flyers and business cards on the street. The popular comedians are taking the less popular comedians out on the road with them. And guess what? It’s working very well! It is perpetuating productivity and positivity in their scene. Comedy clubs are filling with new fans, and the stand up comedy scene is thriving because of it. I see a similarity in the hustle that musicians and comedians partake in to promote and support themselves. That’s why I am sharing this thought with you. We should be doing the same thing!

Burn Blue Sky has performed all around the midwest and east coast at this point. But our scene in Ohio is obscenely rich with musical and artistic talent. We have more great rock and metal bands in our scene than anyone else around us! And that’s a fact! However, I think that collectively, bands and venues are lacking in working to support their own scene in recent years. More and more, there seems to be less team work between clubs and bands. Granted, there are exceptions to this, but in large, its true. But we can all change that if we want to. Its time to stop blaming the music fan, and start hustling to find them again. I know that people still love live music, but the artists have to care enough to put the work and effort into reaching them.

So in essence, this is a mild call to action to great musicians and rock fans alike! We will help participate in the march to kickstarting our scene in 2016 by promising the following:
To the bands that want to cross promote with us: if you promote us on social media, we will do the same for you! This means sharing pages, and new posts on Facebook, and liking and retweeting your tweets on Twitter. Just shoot us a message if you are interested in helping each other out! Fellow musicians- its time to promote and stay consistent! Venue owners- this means you too! We are all in business together! We don't need major labels or corporate radio stations anymore. Its all in our hands! To the fans of rock and metal that come to local and national concerts: Obviously, just attending local rock shows is amazing! We really appreciate all of the people to pay at the door, and buy our albums and t-shirts. We try to keep our prices as low as possible. This really helps keep the machine rolling. But we all know that money tight these days, so if you can't afford band merch, then sharing Facebook posts and liking pictures is an easy and HUGE way to help bands out! Also liking and retweeting Twitter entries helps get the word out! Help make our scene go viral!

Alright, the minor rant is over for now. All of us in the Burn Blue Sky camp cant wait to get our new music to you in the coming months. New show dates are on the way as well! In the meantime, get out to some shows, buy some killer albums and t-shirts and use social media to promote some of the best rock and metal in these United States! One collective fist is in the air for everyone that supports independent music! Horns. Up. -Beau/BurnBlueSky