Burn Blue Sky


CD Release. What does it mean? It means that a band feels passionate enough about what they're doing and has enough balls to put their money where their mouth is and to invest themselves in a tribute to their permanence. It also means that band believes themselves worthy of the tribute of others. Hard copy aligns with the reality that we are physical, not digital beings. We experience our world through coming into contact with it. We appreciate it by giving ourselves to it, whether wholly or a piece at a time. When someone puts their heart and soul and self into a work, only to then give that work away for free, both the giver and recipient are cheated and the value of life and everything in it depreciates. Nobody cares about free shit. So congratulations to our brothers, longtime friends, co-conspirators and collaborators in Red Water Tragedy, who celebrated their first official CD Release last night at The Outpost, with a badass rock solid set. Fuckin' A! Very proud. It makes me look forward to Burn Blue Sky's own upcoming. Vox are finally in the can brothers and sisters! Haha!! (Fucking took long enough, right?) Look out for it early this spring. It's called Godzimoth. Prepare to pay tribute.