Burn Blue Sky

Burn Blue Sky Returns

  Friends, fans, and fellow bands -please share this update! We need your help to push this message into the stratosphere! This music will not be on mainstream radio or TV, but that doesn't matter! With your help we can share it with the world!  On MAY 13, 2016 we will release our new EP of all new material entitled “GODZIMOTH” digitally through iTunes, Amazon, and CDBABY! Here is the album artwork, created by Dave Wilson at Downpour Creative! 


  This is our first release with the mighty Jeff Fahl on lead vocals. We worked hard on this music over the last couple of years to bring you a slab of loud and killer rock music, with some surprises in between! Included with this message is our new official video for the title track GODZIMOTH! You can get this song now for free, for a limited time, and before the official release date when you sign our mailing list!


  We are excited to finally be able to anticipate a release date for our new music! More info will be coming in the following days and weeks leading up to MAY 13, 2016! Stay tuned!